Gluya magazine - מגזין גלויה

Gluya Magazine

The Gluya magazine is an online magazine founded by Rabbanit Sarah Segal-Katz for women and couples identifying with and locating themselves at various points on the religious spectrum. The magazine aims to enable facilitate an open and honest (gluya) discussion of generally discrete issues for women and couples from the pre-relationship stage through engagement and into the initial years of married and family life, while supplying knowledge from the fields of halakha and healthy sexuality.

The Gluya magazine recognizes the special importance of the pre-relationship years and the challenges they can pose, not merely as an interim period but rather, as an independent and unique phase of life itself. The magazine also aims to provide access to knowledge on fertility, parenting, and changes in the family unit (divorce, widowhood etc.)

Alongside the permanent magazine staff, Gluya hosts additional guest writers who contribute from their field of professional expertise or personal world, enriching the magazine with a further layer of content. Readers are welcome to propose texts of their own for publication.
The Gluya magazine's vision is to grant couples knowledge pertaining to halakha, sexuality, and relationships, and to assist couples in building their home out of a broad perspective, an informed choice from the different available options, and out of an independence that is accompanied by a commitment to halakha and a halakhic lifestyle.

Rabbanit Sarah Segal-Katz is the founder and director of the Gluya Center and its associated Gluya magazine. Over the last decade, Rabbanit Sarah has served as a halakhic mentor, a counsellor for brides and couples, a balanit (mikveh attendant), and presents the Center's educational classes and workshops.

Rabbanit Sarah, married to Adam and mother of three children, grew up and lives in Jerusalem.

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The Gluya Center

The Gluya Center aspires to constitute a meeting place for lectures, workshops and other events that address the intersection between relationships, halakha and sexuality, and to mediate knowledge that will enhance the a halakhically observant couple's autonomy over its intimacy.

The Center also hosts study sessions to refresh and deepen knowledge for women or couples after marriage, and holds workshops, classes, and lectures for female professionals from different fields interested in broadening their knowledge or acquiring new professional tools.

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